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DBT's  Cookies & Sweets

 is a home style made-to-order snack producer specializing in cookies from scratch, sweets, and home~style baked goods.

DBT's Cookies and Sweets are exquisite, and elegantly prepared with only the goodness of the world's finest premium natural ingredients, for a superbly delectable treat like none other you have ever tasted.

Experience the taste of DBT's in each of our cookies today, and you will find the "Sweetness you want, with the Goodness you Deserve" - High Quality Premium Cookies, Desserts, Baked Goods, and Snacks Products. Made only with the Finest All-Natural Premium Ingredients - Definitely Better Tasting.



​DBT's first begun baking our uniquely flavorful cookies for family and friends. Whom in-turn shared with their close friends and family, and before long it became apparent from the many gracious accolades, that we just had to share DBT's Cookies and Sweets with everyoneeverywhere who desires Definitely Better Tasting Cookies and Sweets.​


We strongly believe that our firm commitment to using only the finest quality ingredients possible in the making of our products, educating our customers and consumers of the fair trade value, nutritional, and the health and wellness attributes of our cookies, together with our unparalleled focus on customer service is bringing our aspirations to fruition.  ​

DBT's is a best practices focused snack producer, we believe it is our duty to assume our fair share of responsibility for our environment and planet, by promoting and participating in conservation and sustainability initiatives wherever we conduct our business. Throughout our entire supply chain, our offices, manufacturing locations, distribution facilities and together with our retail partners and vendors, we empower our management and team members to act and make decisions that support our goals for energy efficiency and waste stream reductions.

We are responsible to our Team Members, our People: the men and women who work with us. Through out our local communities, we recruit the best people, who can become part of our team. Everyone, who join our company is respected and considered as an individual. We respect their dignity and recognize their merit. As so, we foster and provide an open and comfortable environment and sense of security and pride in their work. We provide fair, competitive and adequate compensation and working conditions are clean, orderly and safe. As a team focus organization, we empower our team members to make many operational decisions creating a respectful workplace where all team members are treated fairly and are highly motivated to succeed.

At the local level we will be a relevant and positive force in our communities where customers, consumers and team member's work, play and live. By volunteering our time and supporting local community food banks, by sponsoring neighborhood and community events. As well as, contributing a portion of our proceeds and products to non-profit organizations and charities as part of our overall community support and outreach efforts.

Our vision does not end there - It also extends to our partners and stakeholders. Businesses must make a sound return. To this end, we facilitate and provide competent management and their actions must be just and ethical, anything less is totally unacceptable. To re-emphasize DBT's top priority, which is to build and grow our brand (DBT's Cookies and Sweets - Definitely Better Tasting TM). Our Reputation will be built upon, "Doing the Best Today" in everything, we do.​​​

D. B. Thomas             

Owner & Chief Baker



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 Definitely Better Tasting​TM
  "The Sweetness you want, with the Goodness you Deserve" TM 



 Definitely Better TastingTM